Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mother Knows Best!

When my mom pulled up with this beast of a dresser for me to make fabulous it was hard to see the beautiful details thru the dreadfully dark finish!

It was depressing just looking at it! Some of its hardware was missing and she needed a pick me up!
We brought her in and tore her down to bare "bones" and gave her a coat of primer. She already looked brighter and with the primer color change she was unrecognizable!

 Mom was looking for a color that was neutral and would bring some light into her bedroom. She chose a soft beige and wanted me to distress her up so her details would pop!

She had a passel of drawers to paint!

After some light distressing, a few coats of wipe on poly and some new she is!

Mom was so excited! And I was exhausted! ....Just kidding I love her to pieces!! (and the dresser too! ;)

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