Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perfectly PINK Chest of Drawers!

This little chest of drawers was a special order from Debbie G. out of Mesquite. She loves her some Funkie Munkie Furniture! :P
She saw the petite little chest on my "In The Works" section of my website. She has a spare bedroom for her grandbabies that she is blinging all up ! Here is the dresser before:

She is vintage and needed some TLC but I love those LEGS! She was super cute and had great lines!
She was going Pink! Every girl needs something Pink! I know I do, anyways......
Here she is getting a sanding from my MIL... She knows how to use that sander!
She calls me a slave driver! LOL!  Love that woman!

After a few coats of primer and paint the top goes Dark Walnut.  She needed a little sumpin' sumpin" so we added an applique on the top drawer.

Of course she had to ROCK the crystal knobs! Isn't she FANTASTIC??!!! I do believe so!

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