Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upholstered Headboard Tutorial!

I tried my hand at some minor upholstery on this project. I have done some light upholstery before and knew I’d ace these projects. A client named Amy (sweetest lady I ever met) ordered a pair of full size headboards for her two girls’ rooms. I scored these headboards at a local yard sale. I loved the curves and details of them! And the two high posts were awesome. They had 3! I of course snatched them up. She knew she wanted one black and one white! After a bit of delay and a minor fabric mishap I got them DONE!
Here is the BEFORE:

I painted the frames first (after some major sanding, scraping and priming) and sealed with a satin poly. The upholstery was a bit tricky but once we got the first one under our belt the second one was a breeze! We first laid the headboard out flat and placed batting over the headboard and laid the fabric on top. We trimmed up the fabric and batting a bit around the edges but not too much that you lose some inches when stapling. Then we stapled down both sides first to be sure it was even then started up one end towards the top making sure to staple close together and as close to the frame as we could get being careful not to scratch the paint. We had to trim the fabric and batting as we went because it would get bound up too tight around the details. It went fairly quickly with two sets of hands to pull tight!

Once the stapling was done we made sure all the excess fabric was trimmed away with a utility knife. We stapled the fabric underneth and screwed in a bottom wooden slat the finish out the bottom.

 Next we trimmed it out with decorative rope border. This trim bends so easily around all the details of these pieces! We simply used hot glue to secure the trim making sure it covered the staples completely. Look how nice they turned out!

Sewed the matching fabric for the cabinet insert too!

Can you say FABULOUS??!

I think I’ll upholster the third one for my spare bedroom!

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