Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This dresser redo came out so fabulous that you'd never believe this before picture! Check it out...

Ignore the poor picture quality! I am working with an iphone camera only! :/

The finish was HIDEOUS! It had the little black specks all over it......wasn't sure I could reuse the hardware, and there was a pull missing. I almost didn't buy it, ALMOST.. :)
I have to admit I have a weakness for dressers, any dresser, any style, all of them.
I sanded it down sprayed the bottom with Kilz (of course) and took the top all the way down to bare wood. 

I had visions for this piece right when I saw her. Dark top, painted body, gorgeous! The hardware was sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze and just POPPED against the light Ivory! We reattached the metal inserts, and the pulls just happened. They were already the prefect color, they fit over the existing decals  and I got them for a buck a piece at a discount hardware store. It was meant to be!
Check out her new digs!!!

 Yes its the same dresser. 
Yes I am sure. 
Really, it is.
I pinky swear.


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  1. wow! love this, it turned out great. i really like stain and paint together in one piece. thanks for partying with me!

  2. that looks gorgeous! the dark top is so awesome, and i love that chunky hardware!

  3. Oh my - what a difference! It looks GREAT!