Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Was I Thinking?!!!

My vision for this vintage sewing machine table seemed to be quite clear in my head..... crisp apple green, with classy black vinyl appliques. So I went to work.
I removed the sewing machine, sanded and primed with my fav Kilz primer.

                                                     excuse my poor iphone pic quality! :/

I painted the table a pretty shade of satin apple green. It was great!.....and PLAIN BORRRRRING..
I needed something. So I busted out the vinyl appliques I had stashed from a previous trip to IKEA.
Stuck those bad boys on!

I loved the color contrast of the green and black. I thought I was all done! Closed the workshop up for the night ready to put a coat of poly on in the morning.
I arrived the next day to find the vinyl peeling up around the edges...grrrrr
All I had to do was peel the vinyl off and add apoxy to keep them in place right?.....
I peeled off a piece of the vinyl and the entire applique took the paint off with it!! I was HORRIFIED!
My heart sank and I wanted to light a match throw the thing away.  Then my husband walked in, and said "wow that's pretty cool"
...WHAT THA?? Bless his heart!! 
Then I looked at the wood grain showing thru and I realized that it was husband WAS right! (for once) :)
I ran with it and decided to distress the heck out of it and put on an antique glaze and see what happens! I added a cute knob from Hobby Lobby and with my eyes wide shut I poly-ed it and called it done! What do you think???

I am pretty smitten... :)

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  1. And that, my dear, is what they call "making lemonade" when life gives you lemons! Cool.